Do You Qualify for Workers Comp Benefits in Iowa?

Legal Needs

If you’re injured on the job, workman’s compensation is a type of insurance your employer provides to help ease some of the financial strain associated with an on-the-job injury. Worker’s comp insurance is available to employees who work at any type of facility, whether on a part-time or a full-time basis. The coverage also applies to numerous injury types that may occur at a workplace.

Iowa Workman’s Compensation is not automatically given to someone simply because they’re injured on the job. An incident report must be completed in addition to a plethora of additional paperwork. This is submitted to the Depart of Workers Compensation where a group of members determine eligibility for the insurance coverage. Some claims are denied, at which time it’s beneficial to speak to an attorney to learn your rights.

When injured on the job and filing an insurance claim, the employer can choose the physician in which provides the care that you receive for your injuries. Unlike some of the other states, Iowa doesn’t have a time limit in place for the length of time in which you can receive benefits. As long as care is necessary, financial coverage can be provided to you.

Although nothing can change the injuries you’ve sustained, knowing that workers comp is there to help you during the darkest hour provides relief when it is needed the most. You won’t worry about getting the care that you need for your injuries since the costs of doctor visits, lab work, etc. is covered by your employer.

Iowa is one of the easier states for filing workers comp claims, something you can be thankful for. Even still, you must follow proper protocol if you want to receive benefits after your injury. Worker’s comp claims have a three-day waiting period for benefits throughout the state.